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Yellow Bandana - Paisley

Yellow Bandana - Paisley  #30100

Sale: $1.50 Reg: $2.99

Light Blue Bandana - Paisley

Light Blue Bandana - Paisley  #30037

Sale: $1.50 Reg: $2.99

Hot Pink Bandana - Paisley

Hot Pink Bandana - Paisley  #30026

Sale: $1.50 Reg: $2.99

Grass Bandana - Paisley

Grass Bandana - Paisley  #30034

Sale: $1.50 Reg: $2.99

White Bandana - Paisley

White Bandana - Paisley  #30095

Sale: $1.50 Reg: $2.99

Olive Bandana - Paisley

Olive Bandana - Paisley  #30195

Sale: $1.50 Reg: $2.99

Navy Bandana - Paisley

Navy Bandana - Paisley  #30046

Sale: $1.50 Reg: $2.99

Mint Bandana - Paisley

Mint Bandana - Paisley  #30043

Sale: $1.50 Reg: $2.99

Taupe Bandana - Paisley

Taupe Bandana - Paisley  #30194

Sale: $1.39 Reg: $2.99

When you buy bandanas, you always take into consideration the design and color. Nowadays, it seems that one very popular bandana design that everyone is wearing is paisley bandana. While paisley is a recognizable pattern, not everyone may know that the design was an original Indian craft but was brought in the early 19th century to Paisley, Scotland, hence its name. The popularity of paisley prints grew stronger in the 1960s that even the famous Beatle, John Lennon, had his Roll Royce painted with such design.
With colored bandanas, paisley pattern found a way to be incorporated in them. That’s how popular paisley is. Even a brown bandana can be designed with paisley pattern to add life to an otherwise monotonous earthly tone. Unfussy and easy to carry anytime, anywhere, the uses of bandanas are limitless. While they were predestined to be useful to working men and the cowboys of the west during the early times, bandanas have evolved into the fashion world. Unique bandanas include bandana caps or those that are designed for easier use called pre-tied bandanas.
Awesome bandanas are so useful that it is not surprising they found their way into the fashion mainstream. The market today offers bandanas coming from many parts of the world courtesy of globalization and the Internet. Viewing a particular bandana print prior to making a purchase is easier because of photos of them posted on different bandana websites. You can buy them by piece of in bulk for a better bargain. Which means you will have more bandanas to mix and match with any of your outfit.
So the next time you head to the beach or go for a walk in the park, a ride on your motorbike, think bandana and you will never go wrong. Bandanas protect your hair and head from the heat of the sun and at the same time serve as a fashion accessory, too!

Our large variety of paisley bandanas come in many colors. From red to grey and even a two tone or tye dye.

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