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The fashion world has created a trend in the use of bandanas. They are now a part of every fashionista’s wardrobe because of their versatility and limitless functions. Bandanas make a perfect solution for head coverings, belt or bag accents and many more. A brown bandana for one makes a perfect add-on to a yellow purse by simply tying it loosely on one handle and you have an instant bag makeover.
However, awesome bandanas can still be fashioned in a whole new package with flag bandanas. What better way to represent your country in a sports event, in a fun run for a cause, or any other special event but by wearing a flag bandana? By folding them into bandana headbands and worn across the forehead, you create unique bandanas that give pride, glory and honor to the country you wish to represent. You become a trendy sportsman or a trendy citizen who is proud of your country when you buy bandanas that at the same time stand for your motherland.
Originally, bandanas were simply to cover heads or faces when doing heavy work, serving as both protection and an accessible piece of cloth to wipe off dirt or perspiration. Women in the 60s also used them to protect their hair from the wind when travelling. Nowadays, however, the use of bandanas has progressed to more than just their original function. Dancers use them for added appeal to their costumes, rappers don them for more personality and fashionistas use them for added twist and flavor to any outfit. Bikers are another fans of the versatile bandanas and seldom would you find a biker who is without one. They are easily available almost anywhere in various colors, sizes and styles but if you are one for supporting your nation, you would definitely pick a flag bandana to wear your country with utmost pride.

American Bandanas, Canadian Bandanas, Mexican Bandannas, English Bandanas. Be proud!! One for your country.

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