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Summer Fun in the Sun!


Summer…who does not look forward to it? It means school is out and days could be hot and boring. Days can really be lazy more so with summer breeze making you feel like you just want to lounge it out under the cool shade of a tree sipping ice-cold drinks wearing your most comfortable shorts and tank tops (or shirtless if you are a boy). But what can make you look cooler is of course the staple head gear during the hot summer days – bandanas.

Summer can …

Bandanas as Kitchen Decors


Oh, I just heard that your favorite part of your home is the kitchen. Well, you must be good at cooking or simply love preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the family? Whatever it is, I’m sure you want your kitchen to be always as clean and presentable as possible. So, what do you do to maintain it? Wiping the kitchen sink clean can be one and changing the kitchen cabinets once in a while can be another. How about some kitchen decors? I’m sure you’ll never …

How to Make Curtains Out of Bandanas


How to Make Curtains Out of BandanasA couple of weeks back, I gave you a cool bedroom makeover idea here by using these simple yet versatile accessories called bandanas. So have you tried it? Quilts, pillow cases, and curtains made out of cool bandanas are sure fire way to make your bedroom look fresh and unique. Not only that, they’re pretty easy on the pocket too, especially if you have used bandanas kept in your closet for quite some time now.

Beautiful Swirly Bandana Skirt


Bandana SkirtDid you know that with two matching or closely matched colored bandanas, you can make an attractive swirly skirt for yourself of for your daughter? This DIY garment will make an attractive dress in a few and simple easy steps.

Free two large and clean bandanas of wrinkles. Fold each one in half, repeat until you have about a quarter of the bandana size folded in square. Make a circle in the center of the bandanas by cutting out the little quarter in the corner of the …

Bandanas as Seat Cushion Cover


Bandanas are an all-time favorite and that is a fact. That is why they end up serving many endless purposes. From the original handkerchief to fashion accessories and now to table cloth, place mats and even seat cushion covers. Using bandanas can help you make a theme kitchen that is undeniably attractive and cool.

For seat cushion cover, select two bandanas. They can be matching bandanas or of two different colors that look good together like green and yellow or pink and violet. Most bandanas are the same …

Recycling Fabrics and Bandanas


Have you ever found yourself buying bandanas after bandanas because you can’t get enough of how cool they make you look and then suddenly there’s too many of it in your closet? The good thing about bandanas is that they are so versatile, they can be used for almost anything from bib to belt to all sort of fashion accessories. but what do you do with your excess bandanas at home?

Here are some suggestions:

You can use them to make stuffed toys for little ones. If you don’t …

Bandanas as Hair Accessories


Bandanas have many different uses—as head coverings, first aid tools, neck gaiter for cold weather, pot holders, slings, sweatband, washcloth, dish rags, and hankies. That’s why today, these are very popular among kids and adults alike. But from these uses, there’s one that makes this a favorite among teens and kids alike—as hair accessories. True to that, bandanas can be turned into headbands in just a few easy steps.

Bandanas have long been used as headbands, as these are very reliable in keeping the sweat from the eyes …

Bandanas – More than Just Fashion Accessories


Bandanas are cuts of cloth that are either square or triangular in shape and are typically made of cotton. People from India were the first ones to use these bandanas, and since then, they have evolved into popular pieces of accessories that are used not just by cowboys, rock and roll stars, and bikers but also fashionistas. But do you know that these accessories are more than just for fashion? They actually serve other practical purpose and one of which is to keep hair manageable especially when …

Bandana for Winter Keeps You Warm and Comfortable


Are you looking forward to embracing the cold winter months? Or are you dreading the days when you have no choice but to cover your head and hair with winter hair accessories just to keep you warm and comfortable? If you say yes to the latter and no to the former, then it’s a must that you’re equipped with the proper winter clothing and gears as early as now. Your hands will sure benefit a lot from a set of gloves, your ears from reliable earmuffs, and …

How to Make a Bandana Tablecloth


Just a few days back, we discussed here how you could make use of bandanas to host a cowgirl-themed birthday party. We actually demonstrated one as a table centerpiece to make your cowgirl theme party as realistic as possible. Today, what we are going to show you is how to make a tablecloth out of bandanas. Impossible? It’s very much possible—all you need is a set of bandanas (you can choose any color that you want or as much a possible a combination of colors), some pins, …


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