How to Make Curtains Out of Bandanas

How to Make Curtains Out of BandanasA couple of weeks back, I gave you a cool bedroom makeover idea here by using these simple yet versatile accessories called bandanas. So have you tried it? Quilts, pillow cases, and curtains made out of cool bandanas are sure fire way to make your bedroom look fresh and unique. Not only that, they’re pretty easy on the pocket too, especially if you have used bandanas kept in your closet for quite some time now.


So, care to share what you have done so far? Oh, you’re still missing the curtains? No worries about that because today I’m going to teach you how to make curtains out of bandanas. This is actually a very simple project—all you need are used bandanas and a bit of basic sewing skills. Are you ready?


Let’s begin by measuring the length and width of your window that you want covered. Once you’ve taken the measurements, multiply the width by 1.5 to know the ideal width of the curtain. Take note that curtains should be gathered on one side if you want to uncover your window—so allow extra width for your curtains.


Next, focus on the length of the curtain. Here, you need to add about 6 inches of extra length to each panel at the top, so you can fold them over to make a curtain rod pocket.


Once you’ve determined the length and width of the curtain, you can now start arranging your bandanas. If you don’t have used ones, you can always buy cool square bandanas online. You can go for either just one color or a combination of two or more—but make sure that the colors complement each other and the paint of your room as well.


After arranging your colorful bandanas, you can begin folding the top of your curtain panel under 3 inches. Once done, start sewing. This will take an hour or more, depending on your sewing skills.


So there you have it. Making curtains out of bandanas is that easy. Have fun!


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